How to install Mili theme

Instillation of Mili theme is very easy. Its the same method that you follow for installation of other Drupal 8 themes. This tutorial shows how to install Mili theme on a Drupal 8 website.

Methods to install Drupal 8 theme

There are two methods to install a new Drupal 8 theme. You can use either method to install Mili theme.

  • Using Drupal inbuilt uploader
    This is recommended method to install a Drupal 8 theme.
  • Manually using FTP
    Use this method only when Drupal uploader method is not working.

Installing Mili theme using inbuilt uploader

Step 1:

Login to your Drupal 8 website as administrator.

Step 2:

Navigate to:
Home >> Administration >> Appearance

Or simply click Appearance link.

Step 3

Click + Install new theme button.

Step 4:

Visit Mili project page and copy download link of theme.

Step 5

Paste the download link in the Install from a URL field. And click Install button.
Once completed, you should get a success message.

Step 6

Go back to Appearance page. At bottom of the page you should now see Mili theme listed.
Click Install and set as default link.

Step 7

After installing theme, you can now customise theme from theme settings page.
Click Settings link of Mili theme. On this page you can do theme settings like manage homepage slider.