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Create a new Text Format without CKEditor in Drupal 8, 9, 10

In this tutorial I will explain how to create a new text format without CKEditor. And this text format will have all featured of default Full HTML Text format.

Why We need a text format without CKEditor

CKEditor by default filter out many HTML tags. For example, it removes font icon <i></i> tag.
So, in these cases it is better to use a text format without CKEditor.

How To Create Contact Page in Drupal

contact page Drupal 8
Drupal 8 has a core module called Contact. Using this core module we can create a site-wide contact form very easily and quickly. Site administrator will receive message sent via this contact form via e-mail.


None. We will use core module and features.

Step 1: Enable Contact Module

Contact module is enabled by default. But you should verify same from modules page.

How To Create Blog in Drupal

blog in drupal8

Drupal 7 has a core module called Blog. But this blog module has been dropped from core in Drupal 8. Many Drupal 8 users get confused about how to create a blog like in Drupal 7 or like Wordpress.

Creating a blog in Drupal 8 is very easy. Follow below steps to create a blog in Drupal 8.


None. We will use only core modules and features.

Step 1: Create Categories

Let's start by creating few categories for our blog.