Check For Update

Current stable version of TaraPro

Release Date: 13 July, 2021

If your installed TaraPro theme version is older than the latest version of TaraPro, We recommend to update your TaraPro theme. New version can have new features, fix for known bugs and other improvements.

How To Update TaraPro Theme

Please follow below steps to update TaraPro theme.

Step 1: Download Theme

Login to your account and download the latest version of TaraPro.

Step 2

Put your website in Maintenance mode.

Navigate to:
Home Administration Configuration Development Maintenance mode


Step 3: Upload Theme

Upload the new theme files by overwriting the existing files using any FTP client like filezilla.
You can also use file manager of hosting control panel (cPanel or Direct Admin) for uploading theme files.

Step 4

Take your site out of maintenance mode.

Step 5: Save TaraPro Theme Settings

Navigate to:
Home Administration Appearance Appearance settings TaraPro

and re-save theme settings.
This is required because the new version can have new settings.

Step 6:

Clear Drupal cache.

Navigate to:
Home Administration Configuration Development Performance


And clear all caches. You do not need to run update.php for theme update.