Block Regions

Followings block regions are available in the theme.

Block Regions in Header

There are six block regions in header.

  • Header Top Left
  • Header Top Right
  • Header
  • Primary menu
  • Search Box
  • Page Header

Block Regions in main body

There are six block regions in main body.

  • Highlighted
  • Content Top
  • Content
  • Content Bottom
  • Sidebar Left
  • Sidebar Right


Block Regions For Homepage

There are two special block regions for homepage. Contents in this block regions will appear only on homepage.

  • Homepage Content Top
  • Homepage Content Bottom

Block Regions in Footer

There are 8 block regions in the footer.

  • Footer Top
  • Footer First Column
  • Footer Second Column
  • Footer Third Column
  • Footer Fourth Column
  • Footer Bottom Left
  • Footer Bottom Right
  • Footer Bottom Last