Website Logo

Pari theme allows you to use logo as image or text.

How To Select Logo as Image or Text

You can choose to set logo as image or text from theme settings.
Navigate to: Home >> Administration >> Appearance >> Settings >> Pari


How to change logo image

Changing logo image is very easy. You just need to replace default logo image (logo.png) with your own logo image.

  • Replace the logo.png file with your own logo image.
  • logo.png file is located in the theme folder (pari)
  • Name of the logo image must be logo.png


How To change logo text

If you are using logo as text, follow below steps to set your website name and slogan in logo.

  • Navigate to: Home >> Administration >> Configuration >> System >> Site information
  • Enter Logo text in Site name field and slogan in Slogan field.

This is how logo as text should look like.