How to install Pari theme

Instillation of Pari theme is very easy. Its the same method that you follow for installation of other Drupal 7 themes. This tutorial shows how to install Pari theme on a Drupal 7 website.

Step 1: Download the theme

Download the latest version of Pari theme from project page.

The download file will be a compressed .zip or .tar.gz file

Step 2: Extract the files

Right click the zip file and extract the zip file.

After extracting the zip file you will get a folder named pari-7.x-x.x

Step 3: Open Extracted Folder

Open the extracted folder pari-7.x-x.x. Inside this folder, you will find another folder names pari.

Step 4: Upload the theme folder

Upload this pari folder to sites/all/themes directory of your Drupal installation.

Step 5: Enable the theme

Now go to administer > site building > themes

Click Enable and set default link below the theme.

Step 6: Perform basic theme settings

After you have enabled Pari theme, perform few basic settings from admin/appearance/settings/pari or by clicking Settings link.