How to install HertzPro theme

Installing HertzPro theme is very easy. You need to follow the normal steps that is required to install any Drupal 7 theme.

Step 1: Download the theme

After successful purchase, you will be able to download the theme from user account area. Download the compressed zip file (

Step 2: Extract the files

Extract the compressed zip file.

Step 3: Find the theme folder

After extracting the zip file you will get a folder named HertzPro-drupal-theme.

Open HertzPro-drupal-theme folder. In this folder you will find another folder named hertzpro. This is the main theme folder.

Step 4: Upload the theme folder

Upload this hertzpro folder to sites/all/themes directory. You can use any FTP client like Filezilla to upload theme files to your hosting server.

Step 5: Enable the theme

Now we will enable HertzPro theme on our Drupal website. Login as administrator on your Drupal website and navigate to:
Administer > Site building > Themes (/admin/appearance). Click the Enable and set default link below the HertzPro theme.

Step 5: Perform basic theme settings

After you have enabled the HertzPro theme, perform few basic settings from admin/appearance/settings/hertzpro or by clicking Settings link.