Frequently Asked Pre Sales Questions

Do I need to keep credit link in footer?
We don't add any credit link in footer. If there is any, you may remove it.
How will I get access to purchased themes after the payment?
You will be automatically redirected to the member area after successfully making a theme purchase. Then you can simply download your themes from member area.(
Can I use your themes on commercial projects?
Definitely yes! You are most welcome to use our themes to develop any commercial and client projects.
Can I modify the themes based on what I like to?
Yes, you can change or modify the theme. Yes, you are free to change anything you want in the theme like images, colors, fonts, layout and anything else related to the design of the themes. You may also add any new feature in the theme.
How often your themes being updated?
We will update our themes anytime we discover a bug or add a new feature to the themes. You get one year free updates and support with any theme purchased.
How do I get theme updates?
With the purchase of our themes you will get free updates for one year. We will update our themes as many times as it will be needed to keep them bug free.
How do I make the payment?
We currently accept PayPal and Credit Card payments. If you want to pay via any alternative method, please contact us
What kind of support do you offer?
You get full access to our documentation. Support is provided via support ticket system. You can open a support ticket from user account page.
Theme Compatibility with Drupal version
We mention the compatible Drupal version for each theme. If you can't find, please contact us
Are your themes compatible with all modules?
There are thousands of third-party modules available, thus we cannot guarantee that all of these modules will be compatible with our themes, but most modules should work fine with our themes.
Can I use your themes on more than one website?
We offer two types of licensing. Please refer to our licensing page for details.
What is your refund policy?
We stand behind the quality of our themes, and believe that you will be fully satisfied. We have no-refund policy. We will issue refund only in case our theme is not working as demostrated in the demo and requested within 3 days of purchase.
Do you offer a free trial?
Sorry, we do not offer any free trial. But you can check live demo / preview of our themes before purchase.
How long does it take to process payment?
The process is almost immediate. After successful payment, you can download theme from members area (
When & where can I download my themes?
Your drupal themes will be available for download as soon as your payment is processed. To download your themes login to your ( account and click “Files”

Still have any Pre-Sales question

Please contact us.