How to create a blog in Drupal 8

Drupal 7 has a core module called Blog. But this blog module has been dropped from core in Drupal 8. Many Drupal 8 users get confused about how to create a blog like in Drupal 7 or like Wordpress.

Creating a blog in Drupal 8 is very easy. Follow below steps to create a blog in Drupal 8.


None. We will use only core modules and features.

Step 1: Create Categories

Let's start with creating few categories for our blog.

Navigate to:
Home Administration Structure Taxonomy

On this page you can create a New Vocabulary or use any exiting Vocabulary for blog category.
For this tutorial, I am using default exiting Vocabulary Tags. Add your blog categories by clicking Add terms menu of this Vocabulary.


Below I have created few categories for my blog.


Step 3: Optional - Add Featured Image

This step is optional. Follow this step if you want to have a featured image for your blog posts, just like in WordPress.

Navigate to:
Home Administration Structure Content types Manage fields (of Articles)


Step 4

Add Image filed. This image filed will act as featured image of blog posts.


Step 5

Click Manage display tab. And place Image filed at the top position.


Step 6

In this step we will create a page that will list your blog posts, like:

We will use views module.

Navigate to:
Home Administration Structure Views +Add view


Step 7

Ceate a new view with following settings.

View name: Blog
View settings: Content -> Articles -> Newest First


In Page settings section, make following settings.


Step 9

After creating view, lets do some modification in this view. We want to put sticky post at the top of the page.
So, add a Sort criteria with Sticky at top of lists (desc). Save view.


Go ahead and create some post of content type Articles.